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Frequently Asked Questions About Ideas 2020

Last updated March 24, 2020

We hope this page will answer any questions you might have about Aspen Ideas 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have additional questions, please use the button on the right to send us a note.

General FAQs

Is the 2020 Aspen Ideas Festival and Aspen Ideas: Health taking place? 

We made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Aspen Ideas Festival and Aspen Ideas: Health due to health and safety concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why did you cancel three months in advance of the event? 

After much deliberation with many of our partners and a range of global health experts, we determined that it was the most responsible course of action to do our part to stop the spread of this virus. While we remain sincerely hopeful that this situation will stabilize in the coming months, we don’t want to move forward and compel any of our speakers, attendees, or staff to commit to traveling to Aspen before we are confident it can be done safely for them and the communities they will return to after the festival. And given the magnitude of our production, it is not possible to efficiently organize the event while maintaining the recommended social distance in the coming weeks and potentially months.

Did you consider postponing Aspen Ideas? 

We have indeed considered the possibility of moving Aspen Ideas to later in the summer. Unfortunately, the complexity of existing contractual commitments on the campus of the Aspen Institute, as well as those among hotel and other vendor partners, do not allow for accommodating all of our participants. Additionally, the calendars of many of our speakers are complicated, rendering it more difficult for many to manage a postponement. 

We have also explored opportunities to reschedule for Fall 2020. However, due to the need for both indoor and outdoor venues, the uncertain weather, and cooling temperatures, we believe the conditions would be a hindrance to the kind of festival experience we strive to extend to our guests.

Passholder FAQs

What are options for my 2020 AIF/AIH pass?

We outline different options for your consideration regarding your purchased 2020 pass, and invite you to pick among them:

1. Please accept the value of my pass as a 2020 tax-deductible donation to the Aspen Institute to support the Aspen Ideas Festival and Aspen Ideas: Health. Your generous donation allows us to continue to develop, execute, and share ideas and innovation as we navigate these unprecedented times, as well as cover some of the significant losses we will incur as a result of this cancellation.

2. Rollover my 2020 pass to the 2021 or 2022 Aspen Ideas Festival and/or Aspen Ideas: Health. (If my plans change and I am unable to attend the festival in the future, I understand I may transfer the pass to someone else.) 

3. Refund my 2020 pass in its entirety. 

Please tell us how you want to manage your 2020 pass. We will process as quickly as we can and appreciate your patience as we work through this phase of changes. 

Dates for the 2021 Festival (subject to change)
*Aspen Ideas Health June 23 - 26
*Aspen Ideas Festival June 26 - July 2

Dates for the 2022 Festival (subject to change)
*Aspen Ideas Health June 22 - 25
*Aspen Ideas Festival June 25 - July 1

Ideas 2020 Alternatives FAQs

Are there alternative plans? 

Planning Aspen Ideas is a year-round effort. Our team has put a tremendous amount of time and energy into programming. While electing to cancel the formal Festival, we are refocusing our energies on exploring new and different ways to bring ideas and conversations to you. 

We want your feedback!

Following are initial programming formats we are considering for the remainder of 2020:

Aspen Ideas to Go: An expansion of our existing podcast series, dedicated to programming and topics we would have featured at the Festival.

Aspen Ideas on the Road: A series of evening events across the country that focus on one or more of our program tracks, for example: Finding Beauty, Redefining Capitalism, The American Idea, Life Happens.

The Aspen Ideas Lab: Taking video crews on the road to visit with thinkers and experts on their home turf: their labs, their homes, and places of business to share their work with our attendees.

Aspen Ideas ON: A video series of online, live or recorded conversations you might watch from the comfort of your living room, office, or mobile phone. 

We’d love to hear from you. How do you think we might best engage with you? Do any of these aforementioned ideas resonate with you? Tell us what you think. Share Ideas. Ask Questions. We will respond as quickly as we possibly can.

How will Aspen Ideas be communicating our plans? 

In the coming weeks and months as we solidify these plans, we’ll stay in touch through our newsletter and social media regarding coming events and program initiatives, as well as ways to participate. 

Thank you so much for your continued support of Aspen Ideas!

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