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How do we cultivate emotions of excitement and hope that will drive us forward?

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Conquering Fear Everywhere, from the Office to Everest

Conquering Fear Everywhere, from the Office to Everest

Show Notes

John Hagel, author of The Journey Beyond Fear, says there's increasing fear and uncertainty in the world and it's not just from the pandemic. Competition for jobs, mounting performance pressure, and a rapidly accelerating pace of change are escalating fears, especially in the workplace. But fear exists in other places — far-flung locales few people visit. Alison Levine is a polar explorer who made history when she skied nearly 600 miles from west Antarctica to the South Pole. She and Hagel talk about how to move beyond fear whether you're running a business, building a career, raising a family, going to school, or braving extreme environments. They speak with Aspen Ideas to Go producer Marci Krivonen.


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