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There are some species that are no longer in the wild. They’ve left a real gap behind them.

Stewart Brand Co-Founder, Revive & Restore; Co-Chair and President, The Long Now Fou...
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Reversing Extinction and Re-Wilding the World

Reversing Extinction and Re-Wilding the World

Show Notes

What if we could turn back time and reverse extinction? Famed writer, biologist, and environmentalist Stewart Brand is attempting this with an organization he co-founded. Revive and Restore is building a tool kit for genetic restoration that would allow the rebirth of species, like the woolly mammoth. Brand says the absence of these animals has left a gap and reviving them will re-enrich the entire conservation world. There are other reasons to bring back certain species, like enhancing genetic diversity. But what about the ethical questions surrounding such a pursuit? Brand speaks with Flora Lichtman, science writer and host of Gimlet Media’s “Every Little Thing” podcast.


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