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We are going to see radical changes in the food we eat and how we grow it.

Amanda Little Professor of Investigative Journalism and Science Writing, Vanderbilt...
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What Will We Eat in a Hotter, Drier World?

What Will We Eat in a Hotter, Drier World?

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Unpredictable weather is threatening crop production and a swelling population is increasing the demand for food. How will we eat in a hotter, more crowded world? The race to reinvent the global food system is on, and innovative solutions are already being served up. Meat produced from animal cells is one solution, says CEO of Memphis Meats Uma Valeti. "Can we start thinking about evolving our food system in a transformative way to feed 10 billion people and beyond?" He joins Amanda Little, author of The Fate of Food: What We'll Eat in a Bigger, Hotter, Smarter World, and Susan Goldberg, editor-in-chief of National Geographic to discuss new methods of food production. The views and opinions of the speakers in the podcast do not necessarily reflect those of the Aspen Institute.

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